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Visual FoxPro 9.0 includes several major improvements to the crusty old Report Writer, making it a powerful, dynamic tool. One the primary ways to extend the capabilities of the Report Writer is through custom Report Listener classes. These classes allow you to hook into the report generation process to customize the appearance of your report. This site is dedicated to the sharing of custom Report Listener classes among the members of the Visual FoxPro community.

Available downloads: 

Converting General fields to Blob fields

 - The new Blob data type in VFP 9 is a General killer--they're much easier to work with than General. Unfortunately, there isn't an easy way to convert the contents of existing General fields into Blob fields; once you've put an image into a General field, it's all but impossible to get it back out. GeneralToBlobListener is a ReportListener subclass that handles this task painlessly.
Last updated: 2005-01-08 
Author: Doug Hennig
Download Converting General fields to Blob fields (Freeware - 7.2K)

HTML Preview with a Navigation Pane

 - Uses a custom ReportListener class and a helper class that work together to generate the output in HTML and GIF files. This HTML file is gererated through an XSL Transformation over a XML document that keeps some metadata of the preview output.
Last updated: 2004-11-03
Author: Fabio Vazquez
Download HTML Preview with a Navigation Pane (Freeware - 6.8K)

Using the GDI+ FFCs to work with output

 - This sample uses the GDI+ foundation classes to change the StringTrimming behavior for the field in the detail band of the report. Note that you have to make one manual change to the report as specified. 
Last updated: 2004-11-02 
Author: Garrett Fitzgerald 
Download Using the GDI+ FFCs to work with output (Freeware - 4.7K)

Font List

 - This code and simple listener generates a report-based list of the fonts on your system. 
Last updated: 2004-11-01 
Author: Garrett Fitzgerald 
Download Font List (Freeware - 1.1K)


 - QuickFRX2PDF, this class will allow you to generate PDF files in a really fast and easy way. New version, will generate real PDF Files in a smaller size and faster. Help file included and sample form updated.
Last updated: 2005-10-10 
Author: Luis Navas 
Download QuickFRX2PDF (Commercial - 1MB) 


 - Taking advantage of GDI+ usage in Visual FoxPro 9 this class generates a PDF Document that will look exactly as your original report. Limitations: All the content of the report will be exported as an image to the PDF document (this will change in future versions). Works only on Visual FoxPro 9 (this will change in future versions).
Last updated: 2005-06-07 
Author: Luis Navas 
Download QuickVFPPdf (Commercial - 1MB) 

Report Preview/Output Engine

 - Report Preview/Output Engine - Written by AMaximum (Erlikh Maksim, Novorossiysk, Russia)
Last updated: 2005-05-04 
Author: Erlikh Maksim 
Download Report Preview/Output Engine (Freeware - 84K)