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Export your VFP reports to Images, RTF, PDF, HTML or XLS super easy! Send them by email! Enhance the look of your previews, and bring a new life to your APPs!

FoxyPreviewer is a VFP report generating class, that brings some cool and useful functions, as you can see in the pictures below.


1 - Preview Toolbar

The original toolbar was modified, with some new button images, and new buttons too !

FoxyPreviewer enhanced preview toolbar

2 - Printers ComboBox
The printers combobox will show you all the available printers (local and in the network), and allows you to change the output destination to any printer that you want.

FoxyPreviewer allows your users to change the printer on the fly

3 - Copies spinner

Determine on the fly the quantity of copies that you want to print!

4 - Miniatures button

View miniatures of all pages of the current report. Clicking on any miniature will jump the output page to the selected one.

FoxyPreviewer allows you to see minimized versions of the report pages

5 - Save As button

FoxyPreviewer allows you to save your report as PDF,XLS,RTF,HTML

A new button that calls a context menu that allows you to save the current report as:
  • Image Files - EMF, PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • RTF, a MS-Word compatible format
  • XLS, a MS-Excel XML worksheet

6 - Context menu

The report context menu was updated as well, receiving all the new buttons and pictures. For the case of the "Save as." button, a submenu brings all the output possibilities.

FoxyPreviewer empowered context menus

7 - Changing the Printer Preferences.

Now you can access the Printer Preferences dialog to change the default printer settings of the selected printer directly from the report tollbar. Works on all Windows versions!

FoxyPreviewer allows you to call the printer Preferences directly from the toolbar

8 - Send report by Email.

Sending a report by email is super easy. You may choose between using your defalt Email application via MAPI (compatible with Outlook Express, MS Outlook and Windows Live Mail), CDO, or even your custom email procedure. Users will be able to send the current report with a single click !

Using the CDO option, you'll use your own SMTP server to deliver your messages. You can send HTML or Plain Text email bodies.

The enhanced new email form below allows you to:
*Generate HTML outputs for the body of your message
*Changing the formatting, alignments, fonts, adding pictures, hyperlinks, etc...
*Preloading an HTML
*Attaching more files is allowed
*Mark message as Priority
*Ask for read receipt

FoxyPreviewer alternative to send your reports by email

Another cool thing is that after you click on "send", a Continuous progress bar, with the cool Marquee effect (thanks to Carlos Alloatti) will appear, till the message is delivered:

FoxyPreviewer updated ProgressBar

And this is the dialog shown when you send an email with the CDO - TXT option, that allows you to send emails using a plain text body

FoxyPreviewer plain text email

9 - User Setup allowed.

Users may configure the PrintPreview window and toolbar appearance for the current and for all the subsequent report sessions, customizing almost everything!

FoxyPreviewer allows users to save their preferences

10 - International support

Right now FoxyPreviewer supports 12 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish, French, German, Italian, Persian, Czech, Polish and Indonesian. You may switch between languages setting just one property.

FoxyPreviewer full international support

FoxyPreviewer in arabic

11 - Search texts during preview

FoxyPreviewer allows you to make searches in the preview canvas. The corresponding cell will be highlighted as below:

FoxyPreviewer search engine allows users to find texts inside the report on the fly

FoxyPreviewer search

12 - Full justified texts in ALL your reports!

Just include the tag "<FJ>" in the desired report control's "User Data"

Full justified reports

FoxyPreviewer Full justified settings

13 - New enhanced progress bar, according to your Windows OS version

Win Vista ProgressBar

FoxyPreviewer cool progressbar

Win XP ProgressBar

FoxyPreviewer cool progressbar

Win 2000 / 98 ProgressBar

FoxyPreviewer cool progressbar

Credits / Collaborators / Special Thanks

FoxyPreviewer encapsulates many free and fantastic tools developed by some great participants of the Visual FoxPro community.
Below is a partial list of the related tools and their creators.

  • Lisa Slater Nicholls - for the great job that she made with the reporting system of VFP9 SP2. And more than that, for her great blog, the excellent and well documented articles, and the complement of for the Help files of VFP9SP2, regarding SP2 new features.
  • Colin Nicholls - Author of the new reporting system of VFP9, for his many great articles regarding the new reporting system, specially for the article Exploring and Extending Report Previewing in VFP9. I took the miniatures preview form classes from there, and also lots of ideas used in the whole library. Every time that I re-read that article I can find a new cool thing.
  • Luis Navas - He's the author of the PDF Listener. A terrific job, great code. More info about PDFx can be obtained in his blog: PDFx Update Support for some SP2 Features. This brings a new, lightweight and very reliable option for us to export our reports to PDFs. Thanks a lot for your support and help with this project !
  • Takeshi Kanno - Author of the HARU PDF library and all his collaborators, for making PDFx come true with HARU library. More information about this great project: and
  • Vladimir Zhuravlev - He's the author of the RTF Listener together with Dmitriy Petrov and Valeriy Liftshits with help of Vadim Pirozhkov. It was first published in the Foxite downloads section - Another impressive and courageous work. Thanks very much !
  • Alejandro Sosa - He's the author of the XLS ReportListener. Another guy who made an "impossible" thing. The original version was published in the UniversalThread downloads section
  • Dorin Vasilescu - for an alternative search engine, from where I've obtained some tips, and also for the implementation of the new ProgressBar
  • Jacques Parent - for the miniatures form several tweaks, and his continuous support and tests in all parts of the code. Thanks dude !
  • Nick Porfirys - for his continuous support, fixes and suggestions
  • Edwin Duran - for the first implementation of the XLS Listener
  • Mauricio Braga - for some great suggestions and tweaks
  • Soykan Ozcelik - New adress book idea owner and form developer, Turkish documentation editor
  • Stefan Wuebbe, Nick Porfirys, Jacques Parent, Michel Levy, Cetin Basoz, Soykan Ozcelik, Ali Hussein Zadeh, Martin Krivka, Rick Castro, Luis Maria Guayan, for their continuous tests, and translations to other languages
  • FOXITE community - I should refer to at least more 100 persons who have been continuously testing and providing suggestions that have been helping me a lot during this process.
  • Kevin Baugh, for his extensive testings and samples helping to improve the product
  • Fabio Vieira, for his improvements in the PDF Listener, several tests and suggestions
  • Max Arlikh, from the Russian VFP community, for the 1st version and idea for the HTML generator for the Simplified mode.

The cool icons used in this project come from , that are free to use for commercial use.

Additional information about this project is available here: VfpImaging Weblog