FoxyPreviewer Pricing

In short, FoxyPreviewer was born as a free project in 2009. The original goal was to beautify the original VFP9 Print Preview toolbar, adding some new functions and merge several tools available in a strong and easy to work with single application. To put all these tools available in a single application, and to make them all work together meant 6 years of efforts. Several of these tools had to be completely rebuilt. Most were incomplete - in most cases they could not work for every possible reporting situation. Lots of bugs were fixed.

The VFP community also provided lots of support to this project, with thousands of people running it, providing valuable feedback, showing bugs and even providing fixes or small enhancements.

In 2014 it was already solid and being used by thousands of VFP apps all over the world. Due to the super simple way it works - just one line of code, a kind of magic, it captivated many programmers, from beginners to experts. So the development kept almost completely frozen for four years, when I received hundreds of e-mails or messages in forums asking for features, giving suggestions.

Getting back to the FoxyPreviewer development was a very hard move.

It is a complicated project, deals with lots of different tools. Getting started again after 4 years was already a big deal, trying to understand why I chose one code instead of another that could be more simple...

To reach the product that we have in version 3 demanded thousands of hours of coding, researching, testing. Since the VFP9 report engine is still a kind of a black box, to achieve a goal for many times I needed to try several techniques and different ways to do the same thing, till one of them was satisfactory. 

So at the end, after postponing its release for several months, here we finally have it! I hope you understand that this hard work should be rewarded. The good and old FoxyPreviewer v2.99 will keep as is - Freeware and opensource - being distributed here at this site. FP3 can be downloaded from here, and is completely working with all features. It just shows a watermark in some reports and a reminder in the Preview forms.

Even if you feel that you don't need the newest version, consider purchasing it as a reward for an application that already helped you a lot in the last 10 years.

FoxyPreviewer3 purchasing options


One single developer
All features available
Just the App file
No source code
Support in open forums
18 months of updates**

USD 150


5 developers license at the same company
All features available
Full & commented source code
18 months of updates
Support by e-mail***

USD 550

** Lite Version - Files will be available in the downloads page of this site
Username and Serial will be delivered by e-mail

*** Enterprise Version - Customized files, Username and Serial will be delivered individually by e-mail. The support e-mail will be informed after purchase.

**** After the 18 months, both paid versions will keep working normally. People will have to purchase a newer version only if they need the latest updates, perhaps newest features.

***** I am specially thankful for those supporters who donated any amount during these last years. Purchasers can deduct from the value of the license the amount that was donated in the last 12 months. Just send me a copy or help me locate your donation.

****** To upgrade from the LITE to the ENTERPRISE version you just need to notify by e-mail, and pay for the value difference between versions, and you'll get the updated license and Sources


Just choose the version that fits your needs, make a donation via PayPal and inform at the e-mail

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