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Here you will find the most recent versions of FoxyPreviewer.
The recommended download will always be a stable version, tested by many users.

To get the most power for your previews, please TRY the most recent versions, that will bring new possibilities, fixes and improvements, but still need some testing. It is important to know how the testing version is running in order to continue developing new possibilities, and improve the product.


Just update the "FoxyPreviewer.App" file.


For a complete update history, please refer to the file UpdateHistory.txt in the "Sources" folder.

v2.99z41 - 2021-02-27
- Property "lRepeatInPage" works When "ListenerType = 0 or in direct printing mode (REPORT FORM ... TO PRINTER)

v2.99z38 - 2021-02-06
- Updated the languages table -
- Fix for merged reports in PDF (OBJ TYPE 10) -

v2.99z37 - 2020-11-27
- Fix for PROPERTY "lExcelRepeatHeaders" that was not working
- Unicodes in PDF will be rendered as image, keeping the visual aspect

v2.99z36 - 2017-03-30
- Fix for "FR_FXListener NOT FOUND" after a CLEAR ALL or "DEBUGGER Cancel / Fix" in Development mode

v2.99z35 - 2016-06-11
- Fix in the Watermarks engine that was failing when the _PAGETOTAL variable was used.

v2.99z32 - 2016-05-30
- Fix in PR_PDFX, allowing to trap more errors due to a typo. Thanks to Oleg Dimuhametov

v2.99z31 - 2016-04-11
- Fix to allow "Tagged Formatting - <TF>" in Private Data Session forms

v2.99z30 - 2013-09-12
- Fix to ignore empty records in "FoxyPreviewer_Settings.dbf" - Thanks to Rahul Moudgill

v2.99z29 - 2013-09-02
- New Property: "lRepeatWhenFree", logical will print a second copy of the report in the 2nd lower part of the same paper sheet. Thanks to Tore Bleken for the suggestion.

v2.99z28 - 2013-09-02
- New tweaks in the property "lRepeatInPage"
IMPORTANT: The page repetition will be applied only if you select a quantity of copies > 1
You can leave the property "lRepeatInPage = .T." all the time on, to make FoxyPreviewer to print your report twice in the same page if the user wants more than one copy and if the report does not occupy more than half the page. This is a cool feature, allowing your users to save paper sheets!
If the report contains more than one page, even if the contents do not use more than half the page, this property will not be considered. If you select "nCopies = 3" and "lRepeatInPage = .T.", having the needed space in the sheet of paper, FoxyPreviewer will print the report twice in the 1st paper, and another single time in the next sheet. This feature works only when you click the "Print" button from the "PrintPreview" toolbar.
- Fix by Hernan Cano:

v2.99z26 - 2013-08-28
New feature: "lRepeatInPage" was enhanced, now it will duplicate the report in the same page only if there is space, otherwise, a copy will be printed in another page
Fix when selecting more than 1 copy in the toolbar spinner, the 2nd page was being reduced
Fix when the printer margin is non zero

v2.99z25 - 2013-08-26
Fix when selecting more than 1 copy in the toolbar spinner, was printing only one page in all times - DataType property for field 'eDevice' is invalid (Error 1544)

v2.99z24 - 2013-08-11
Fix in TO PRINTER mode - Thanks to Vilhelm-Ion Praisach
Tweak in RTF Listener, to allow RTF documents to be opened by LibreOffice and OpenOffice - Thanks to Vilhelm-Ion Praisach

v2.99z23 - 2013-08-01
Fix in HTML DOCTYPE declaration - Thanks to Iuliu Nedelcu
Fix in initial Language settings
Fix in Settings form, was not applying the changes

v2.99z22 - 2013-07-31
Introduced new OBJECTTYPE #20
Renders all FoxyPreviewer available file types in one single ReportListener. Just pass the File name and file extension in the "TO FILE" clause, and FOxyPreviewer will render the output according to the file extension passed. Extensions allowed: PDF, RTF, DOC, XLS, XML, HTM, HTML, MHT, "BMP", "BITMAP", "GIF", "JPG", "JPEG", "TIF", "TIFF", "PNG", "EMF"

Several small fixes in HTML formatting - Thanks to Iuliu Nedelcu
Fix in HTML tag showing just the file name, without the path
Update in HTML rendering, now using UTF-8 encoding

Fix for error of missing table - Special thanks to Bennet Eze
Fix in XPUTFILE() by Oleg Dimuhametov -
Fix in Merged reports in Object Type 10 - ,
Fix - not working in OBJECT TYPE mode -
Fixed Landscape printing when using "Copies > 1" or changing printer in the combobox from the toolbar

v2.99z19 - 2013-04-29
Introduced new OBJECT TYPE 20
Fixed Landscape printing when using "Copies > 1" or changing printer in the combobox from the toolbar

v2.99z9 - 2012-12-12
New property: "nPreviewBackColor" - numeric, RGB value, allows changing the back color of the report preview form
New property: "lDoubleByteLanguage" - logical, allows to manually determine that the system is using a DOubleByte language. This is primarily to make the context menu for the Save button in the report preview toolbar work in these languages.
Updated: Localization table for Polish language

v2.99z8 - 2012-12-02
Fix: Excel values were ignoring the SET POINT if Set("Currency") had "." dots
Fix: Negative values expressed between "()" are now correclty converted in Excel

v2.99z7 - 2012-11-25
Fix: Excel values were ignoring the SET POINT if Set("Point") was equal to SET("Separator")
Fix: ExcelListener was raising the error "Table not found"
Updated: Localization table for Russian language

v2.99z6 - 2012-11-15
Fix: Passwords were not being decrypted when sending emails, if previously FoxyPreviewer worked in complete mode

v2.99z5 - 2012-11-08
Fix: OBJTYPE 15 asking for choosing a table
Fix: OBJTYPE 12 was keeping the Private Report DataSession opened

v2.99z4 - 1012-10-18
Fix: PDFs were ignoring leading spaces in strings - by Tushar
Fix: Dates in Excel were not respecting the original SET DATE settings in OBJTYPE 13 mode -
Fix: Terminal server \\tsclient\c can't be used as ".cOutputPath" - - Special thanks to Marcio Gomes Gonçalves
Fix: Certain CodePages in RTFListener were not working - Thanks to J.F.Sant

v2.99z3 - 2012-10-17
Fix: PDFs were not respecting the CodePage In OBJTYPE mode - by Martin Krivka
Fix: SMTP password was not being sent correctly in simplified mode
Fix: Removed remaining SET STEP command
Fix: PDF different password but still cannot encrypt - by "HermanHo"